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Do you actually make these items yourself?

Yes. I personally do it, emails, leathercraft, shipping, etc. 

What kind of leather do you use?

Most of my projects are made from Premium European cowhide. 

What kind of dye do you use?

Our dyes are a blend of natural and synthetic waxes,

dye-stuffs and binders with high penetration and dyeing power.

This stain will not bleed or rub off.

 Click here for our COLOR CHART

What do you stitch with?

We use S-Lon Thread.

This an extra heavy #18 twisted nylon multi-filament cord.

Over 90 vibrant colors available!!! 

How do I take care of my leather?

Montana Pitch-Blend Leather Dressing

Pine pitch blended with pure Mink oil plus natural Beeswax Protective conditioning balm with the very highest water-repellency for the most demanding climates. Made from our Leather Oil conditioner / preservative and blended together with just the right amount of natural Beeswax to create a soft wax balm. Absorbs quickly and leaves no residue or buildup in tooled or carved leather Highest protection for wet climates & extreme conditions.

Available in our online store. 

Can I send you my own seat pan?

Absolutely. A vast majority of the seats that I do are sent to me to be re-covered or started from scratch.

What kind of padding do you use?

I mainly use high density Neoprene padding.

I can do any thickness you prefer.


How long does a custom item take to receive?

My typical turnaround for motorcycle seats is roughly 3-4 weeks

and everything else is roughly 1-2 weeks from

time of artwork approval and payment received.

How do I order a custom item?

You can either use our CONTACT page or email us direct at

Please let us know what it is that you're after (item, color(s), art ideas, etc.)

and it will help me work up a final quote for you.

I respond to ALL emails within 24 hours of receiving them. 

What kind of payment do you take?

In our store, all payments are securely accepted using Paypal.

You DO NOT need to have a Paypal account to pay though. 

We accept all Major Credit cards that is powered through Paypal services. 

If we email you an invoice for a custom item, it will also be secure through Paypal services.

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